Anker PowerHouse 757 1500W / 1229Wh) InfiniPower™ technology
Anker PowerHouse 757 1500W / 1229Wh) InfiniPower™ technology
Anker PowerHouse 757 1500W / 1229Wh) InfiniPower™ technology

Anker PowerHouse 757 1500W / 1229Wh) InfiniPower™ technology

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Durable Build Quality

- The unibody drop-proof design and patented Smart Temperature Control system protect the unit from damage and ensure optimal internal temperatures - perfect for everyday use, lasting up to 10 years, and backed by an unprecedented 5-year warranty.

Ports For All Requirements

- Equipped with 2 x AC ports, 4 x USB-A ports, 2 x USB-C ports, and a car outlet.
- Includes a fast-charging 100W USB-C port.
- You can effortlessly charge or power multiple devices simultaneously.

Rapid Recharge

- Recharge it swiftly with HyperFlash AC charging - regain 80% charge in just one hour! Additionally, the power station comes with power supply certification, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

5 Year Warranty

- Instead of an average lifespan of 2 years, the Anker 757 Portable Power Station is specifically designed to provide reliable power to your devices every day for an impressive duration.
- Moreover, it comes with a superior 5-year full-device warranty, ensuring a guaranteed worry-free experience.

A Lifestyle Solution

- The power station is versatile and serves a wide variety of purposes.
- Whether it's powering your home appliances during load-shedding stages, providing reliable energy during outdoor camping trips, or supplying power to your tools at job sites, it is an ideal solution for all these scenarios.

Solar Charging

- Harness the power of clean energy and experience endless solar power with Anker solar panels.
- Now, you can conveniently charge your PowerHouse using these solar panels, enabling you to reach 80% charge in just 3.6 hours.
- This means you'll always be powered up, no matter where your adventures take you. With 300W Max Solar Recharge, you can charge from 0 to 80% in 3.6 hours.

Uninterruptible Power Supply with Official Certification

- Get non-stop reliable power with a switchover time of less than 20ms. Anker 757 PowerHouse supports a pass-through mode to operate as a UPS.
- While connected to a wall outlet, any disruption on the AC grid will cause the station to automatically switch from the primary AC input to the internal battery within 20ms.

Smart Temperature Control

- Have peace of mind every time you charge with smart temperature control that prevents overheating, monitoring up to 100 times per second.

Adjustable Warm-tone Ambient Light Bar

- Three levels of LED light intensity and an emergency SOS mode will back you up in the dark.

Automatically Protects Battery Life

- Switching on the power-saving mode prevents wasting power by automatically turning off the Power Station once all your devices are fully charged.
- It will turn off automatically within 1 hour when AC Port /DC car port output is continuously less than 10W.

What's In The Box

1 x Anker PowerHouse 757 Portable Power Station (1229Wh)
1 x AC charging cable
1 x Car charging cable
1 x Solar charging cable
2 x EU to SA adapters