Zhiyun-Tech Dual-Hand Handles for Crane-2

Zhiyun-Tech Dual-Hand Handles for Crane-2

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The Crane Dual-Hand Handles is an extended grip handbar accessory for the Crane-2 stabilizer, to manually control it with two hands instead of one. It gives you the choice of holding the Crane-2 in multiple ways, such as top-down and bottom-up, for different shooting angles.

The Dual-Hand Handles consist of a balance bar with a hole in the centre through which the gimbal is inserted, and two handles with anti-slip grip, one on each side. The are made from high-quality aviation aluminium alloy, which is light in weight and very strong. They feature levers to screw tighten by hand, with less hand power required.

Balance bar dimensions: 480 x 25mm
Handles dimension: 174.5 x 30mm
Weight: 690g

Compatible gimbals: Crane-2

Zhiyun-Tech product no: CRANE-EH002